Devoted to horses

My earliest childhood memories of painting and drawing are of horses. Like so many little girls, I was pretty obsessed with horses and ponies, but unlike many, was lucky enough to be given my very own pony when I was seven years old.
From that moment onwards my dream turned into a way of life and I simply cannot imagine my life now without horses. I have competed in various equine disciplines with success, studied equine anatomy, psychology and genealogy.

My artistic ventures began with sculpture as I was fortunate enough to attend a high school that supported many forms of creative art. This gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in sculpture and also graphic art as well as traditional painting.
By the time I was 15, I became more interested in photography and this I think is where my fascination with use of light began. With photography I could explore how to show texture and life in my pictures using light.
It took a long time before I felt painting was for me. My first paintings used soft pastels and oil pastels, which I still enjoy using now. The way that I used light to add texture to my photographs eventually found it's way into my painting and drawing and everything came together.
I work quickly and prefer mediums that are quick to use and dry, hence most of my work is either pastels or acrylic.
My work sells privately, and I enjoy supporting charities with sales and donations.
Photo credit: Lisa Mardell photography